About the St Cecilia Society...


Taking its name from the patron Saint of Music, The St. Cecilia Society began in 1891 when a group of Santa Barbara ladies formed a small orchestra. Through its benefit concerts, the Society raised funds to assist patients at the new Cottage Hospital.

The St. Cecilia Society has served the residents of Santa Barbara County for more then 100 years. Our mission is helping people in need defray their hospital or other unmet medical bills. Charted in 1892, it is the oldest charitable organization in Santa Barbara.

The St Cecilia Society Today...


Though no longer associated with musical performances, the St. Cecilia Society continues to benefit our community by assisting those unable to meet their own medical expenses. Referrals for financial help come to us from hospitals, healthcare providers, social service agencies, and others throughout all of Santa Barbara County.

Today the Society may fund diagnostic testing, prescription medications, mental health care, dental care, hearing aids or other medical devices, in addition to paying for hospital stays and physician care. While the St. Cecilia Society cannot meet every demand, we can-and do-make a significant difference in the lives of those struggling with overwhelming medical costs.


St Cecilia Society

P.O. Box 50136

Santa Barbara, CA 93150


The St. Cecilia Society is a 501c3 organization.

Elise Hall, wife of Dr. Richard Hall, was one of the founding members of the St. Cecilia Society.